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when your health is complicated.


Do you want to help change how your health data is captured and communicated? Are you interested in self-monitoring to spot irregularities, explore connections in your data and visualize trends in your health with simple graphics that make sense?  Join the Graphicure community and be empowered to better manage your health and illness.



Graphicure specialises in visualization and advanced analytics of personal health data. We ensure data privacy and empower patients to take control of their treatment, recovery and overall health monitoring.


We offer digital tools that keep track of all your health data, are easily accessible and readily understood, and communicate to family, friends, and health professionals. We help you focus on your health, not your illness.



Before I got ill, I worked as a scientist finding the best possible solutions to communicate complex scientific and medical data in an intuitive visual language. Today, I’m using everything I’ve learned as a scientist and as a patient to develop the best possible tools for everyone to take control of their treatment, their health, and their lives.

We founded Graphicure to create simple tools to let you keep track of all the details of your health, so you can focus on living.

- Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard, CEO

Cover image of the book, The Blink of an Eye - How I Died and Started Living, by Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard with a foreword by Bill Bryson. The book chronicles Rikke’s amazing health journey and her motivation for creating the the digital health app, Graphicure.
Read Rikke's story in her new book, The Blink of An Eye.
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We take a patient and people-centric approach in designing our solutions.


Every solution we bring to market will significantly impact how health data is understood, communicated, or leveraged for decision-making.


We will never compromise anonymity of your personal health data.



Our solutions are designed to give you peace of mind as the one place to securely store all your personal health information and empowering through controlled sharing. 

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For You and

Your Team

There is a lot going on in your life

Health data in all its forms are continuously increasing in volume and stored in multiple locations, preventing you from understanding your entire Health Blueprint, resulting in ​decisions being made with incomplete information.​

So let us help you make sense of it all

Graphicure is specialised in advanced analytics and intuitive visualisation of personal health data, enabling you to understand and compare your Health Blueprint anonumously against the Graphicure Community.​

Your health information is safe with us

We understand the importance of protecting your health data, so all our solutions are designed around complying with current and future requirements, a fundamental value upon which Graphicure is founded.

You have the control of your health data

Your health data is unique, so your control of it must be too. That is why you, and you alone, hold the key to your health data.​​

You decide how the info is shared

With your complete Health Blueprint at your finger tips, you can choose to share it all with loved ones or time limited elements only with your health care physician.  The choice is yours.  


Lifeline is Graphicure’s first health application targeted to patients with chronic or complex diseases, who require dedicated on-going disease management and support.

Lifeline integrates knowledge of a patient’s health record, disease, and treatment results over time and combines the data sets into an intuitive visual interface that 1) enhances a patient’s understanding of their health status and disease progression and 2) effectively enhances communication of this information for and by significant others and health professionals.

Through better communication and understanding by patients, Lifeline will address practical issues of compliance with medication and improve the communication between patient and health professional, leading to a better experience and treatment outcome, not to mention health economics. Lifeline works on multiple platforms as a web-based tool and as a mobile component to drive data input and to have information ‘at-your-fingertips’ during health-related meetings.

Every fifth Danish adult is living with a chronic disease, and more than half of the adult population in the US has one or more chronic health conditions. Studies show that patients feel confused and overwhelmed with complex information, and because of misconceptions, incomprehensible health charts and poor guidance, a majority return to the hospital after having been discharged, which has major financial implications on the health system (AmJSurgery, 2016, 211(3): 631-6). Also, the most expensive patients with the highest service utilization rates, including those who need chronic disease management services for multiple conditions, cost approximately 17 times more than patients who are not considered ‘high-users’ of the healthcare system (AmJManagCare, 2015, 21(4): 309-16). Our application will remedy this financial burden by increasing patients’ medical literacy, improving tracking and understanding of disease symptoms and treatment, and thereby decrease their likelihood of hospital readmissions.

Join the Graphicure community today and get your Lifeline.



Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard, Ph.D.

With more than ten years of experience in visualisation of biological data from top tier universities, Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard is a specialist in visualisation and advanced analytics of personal health data. She is passionate about empowering people at all ages to take action in their lives and pursue achievable goals. She is co-founder of the Danish Science Club, a mentorship network for students and young adults, and the author of the memoir, The Blink of an Eye (2018), following her journey from death to recovery by sudden bacterial meningitis.

Gaël McGill, Ph.D.

As a Harvard Medical School and Dana Farber Cancer Institute trained cancer molecular biologist, with over 20 years experience in graphic design and managing software and visualization projects in the healthcare and life sciences industry, Dr. McGill is passionate about the use of intuitive design and visualization to improve the communication and understanding of health data.


Professor Tine Jess, DMSc

Chief Physician of Clinical Epidemiology with the responsibility of enhancing the collaboration between methodologists, statisticians, and clinicians at Frederiksberg and Bispebjerg Hospital.

Merete Storgaard, M.D.

Consultant at Department of Infectious Diseases at Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby.



Do you want to help change how your health data is captured and communicated? Are you interested in self-monitoring to spot irregularities, exploring connections in your data, and visualizing trends in your health with simple graphics that make sense?  Join the Graphicure community and be empowered to better manage your health and illness.